A true multi-channel campaign platform for creating the personalised micro-moments that captivate customers.

IMIcampaign enables enterprises to...

Orchestrate campaigns across multiple channels

Build a 360-degree view of customers

Personalise and contextualise at scale

Understand and optimise campaign performance

Automate digital fulfilment

Optimise the mobile campaign experience

Built for the digital enterprise, IMIcampaign is trusted with the deployment of millions of cross-channel communications. The platform's mobile-first capabilities optimise campaigns for the smartphone, with enterprises using SMS, mobile push, MMS, and mobile responsive email, to maximise performance throughout the customer lifecycle.

Famed for their 'Priority' Campaigns, see how O2 uses IMIcampaign to create one of the most engaged customer bases in the telecom space.

Improve relationships with 1:1 personalisation

Unify data sources to create a single view of customers that equips you with the insight to personalise interactions and identify the 'micro-moments' to engage customers with highly relevant content over their favourite channels.

How does this level of customer insight drive performance? Contact us to find out how a leading South African bank is using a rich customer view to automate dozens of automated journeys across the customer lifecycle.

Reduce complexity, innovate faster and optimise performance

IMIcampaign is an integrated campaign management system. It offers a way for enterprises to instantly innovate, switching from poorly-integrated disparate systems to joined-up cross-channel communications that use the latest mobile-first capabilities.

From location-aware messaging to instant access to new mobile channels, IMIcampaign's features work together to increase campaign ROI and improve campaign CX.

Why use IMIcampaign?

The feature-rich hub of orchestrating multi-channel campaigns. From a single easy-to-use UI you can schedule campaigns, set-up message triggers, review campaign performance dashboards, define dynamic content, and manage your campaign strategy.

Combine online and offline data sources to create a single view of your customer base to gain insight on how to intelligently segment audiences. Take the next step and use dynamic selection to personalise the experience for every customer by refining content, delivery time and promotions based on real-time campaign interactions.

Ensure campaigns have valuable outcomes for customers. Enable end-to-end campaign journeys, with the automated fulfilment of digital offers and assets that are connected to different services from across the business.

Add personalisation to every digital customer touchpoint. Use the Offer Recommendation Engine to determine, in real-time, the best offer or reward to drive customer action during live interactions.

Drive ROI and customer value with a mobile-first campaign experience

Deliver cross-channel campaign experiences that grab customer attention and drive action. Download our product sheet for more feature and use case details to learn how IMIcampaign can help to optimise campaign performance across multiple channels.