Powering billions of content transactions every year, IMIdigital is the leading platform for delivering multi-media content services across mobile and digital touchpoints.

IMIdigital enables mobile operators to...

Integrate content services into their consumer offering

Consolidate content management, billing and marketing capabilities

Create new revenue streams through multi -media services

Leverage more than 500 content partnerships

Optimise content marketing strategies

End-to-end digital content service delivery

IMIdigital provides the infrastructure and tools to deploy mobile content services across multiple touchpoints and devices.

The platform unites content management, billing and marketing capabilities, enabling for the end-to-end delivery of mobile content services. At its heart sits our carrier class Content Management System (CMS) which powers thousands of content services around the world.

Reduce the time-to-market for new services

The support of all industry standard protocols and a portfolio of purpose-built features makes it quick and easy to deploy services across multiple touchpoints (SMS, STK, MMS, mobile internet, web, USSD, and voice).

Don't have the resources or want to deploy even quicker? IMImobile offers content licensing, web-portal and app development, and program management services.

Leverage over 500 content partnerships

With more than 10 million content items available, IMImobile is an established aggregator of Tier 1 digital content.

Our dedicated content team has built partnerships with key international rights holders since the inception of the digital content distribution industry. We specialise in sourcing content across the following categories; key music labels, mobile games providers, personalisation content partners, editorial content, and browsable content.

Why IMIdigital?

IMIdigital supports multiple content types, including music downloads, music streams, applications, wallpapers, animations, alerts, videos, and games.

Alongside the platform, IMImobile offers content licensing, web-portal and app development, and program management services.

IMIdigital is built for a market saturated with different smartphones and digital devices. A dynamic rendering engine powers automated content adaption across operating systems, connected devices and more than 10,000 smartphones.

The engine ensures best-in-class user experience by automatically detecting a user’s device and optimising the relevant content in real-time.

IMIdigital covers every aspect of deploying content services, including ingestion, moderation, publishing, partner reporting, and monetisation.

Choose from a number of payment models, including pay per download, subscriptions and content bundles.

In-built content marketing tools that enable the creation of bundles and subscription packs, release and expiry dates, keywords and categories.

In-built analytics and reporting tools provide insight into customer behaviour and revenues generated by different content categories.

Create your own content experience

IMIdigital powers international content services across the globe. Download the product sheet and find out why clients such as Universal Music Group, Airtel, Aircel, MTN, and Orange trust IMIdigital to deliver best-in-class content experiences to more than 500 million mobile subscribers.