Redefine the customer service experience with enterprise-grade, omnichannel agent chat built for the digital contact centre.

IMIchat enables enterprises to...

Embrace two-way digital customer service channels

Equip agents with omnichannel visibility

Save through messaging-based customer service

Resolve more cases per agent

Intelligently route customer enquiries

Add two-way digital messaging to the contact centre

IMIchat is a cloud application that consolidates digital, mobile and social customer service channels to a single agent desktop.

A unified channel console enables agents to manage real-time two-way conversations over channels like Facebook Messenger, SMS, Twitter DM, email, and web-chat, while continuing to serve customers via voice.

Improve contact centre KPI performance

Enterprise clients have used IMIchat to achieve significate improvements to contact centre KPIs: 100% faster daily case resolutions rates, 75% cost saving through messaging and 60% better first contact response rates.

Download our latest Success Story to see how one of the UK's leading insurance providers is using IMIchat to deliver real-time information about claims to customers.

Automate inbound and outbound enquiries

IMIchat is an agent tool that can support both agent and customer initiated enquiries.

From inbound customer complaints to outbound appointment reminders, the agent is connected to the conversation at the perfect point in the customer journey to engage with the customer.

Why use IMIchat?

Designed with flexibility in mind, IMIchat can be used as a standalone application, or it can be embedded into your existing contact centre systems.

IMIchat is the quickest way of adding new digital and mobile channels to the contact centre.

A centralised queue management system allows agents to handle multiple cases at once. Using a threaded chat view, agents can immediately access relevant case information and interaction history.

Cases can be created by agents or by inbound messages from customers. Agents can typically manage 5 messaging chats for every voice call.

IMIchat is equipped with specialised tools for the agent and the supervisor.

Supervisors can easily create canned responses to ensure important communications meet corporate guidelines. Real-time analytic dashboards and bespoke reports enable supervisors to instantly view agent performance.

Intelligently route inbound enquires based on agent skills, priority level and knowledge, to ensure the best possible customer service experience is delivered to every customer.

Embrace new channels for customer service

IMIchat is helping contact centres to use digital, mobile and social channels to deliver faster customer resolution, reduce costs and improve the customer service experience. Download the IMIchat product sheet for more details on features, benefits and how to get started.