When the audience talks, IMIsocial lets you listen, interact and enrich live programming with audience-generated content.

IMIsocial enables broadcasters to...

Engage with audiences across multiple channels

Integrate audience content into live programming

Manage campaigns and premium rate services

Launch audience engagement initiatives

Better understand audience engagement

Enrich live programming with audience content

IMIsocial provides all the tools for the entire broadcaster value chain, from editors to production teams, to harness audience-generated content.

A unified channel console gives a consolidated view of audience engagement across social, digital and mobile channels. From there, users can manage one-to-one audience engagement, push real-time information to a presenter and integrate audience content into live programming.

Create a more interactive audience experience

Launch mobile, digital and social audience engagement initiatives to create a more interactive experience to keep audiences engaged for longer.

IMIsocial's Campaign Console allows for the detailed campaign management of premium rate services, competitions, polling, voting, and free to user options.

Better understand audience engagement with real-time insight

IMIsocial gives producers, editors and presenters real-time feedback about audience reactions, comments and sentiment in one easy-to-use dashboard with auto filter on content preferences.

Easily sort inbound audience interactions by channel, hash-tag and a number of other filters that help to understand the audience.

Why IMIsocial?

Gain a complete overview of audience interactions, conversations and content from one console. Audience channels include SMS, MMS, email, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

In the fast-paced broadcast environment, IMIsocial helps you stay in control of audience interaction with a layered infrastructure.

Roles are easily defined and features can be made available to individual users, allowing for publishing control to remain with the producer.

An optional iPad 'Presenter' app collates curated content which has been specifically selected by production teams for integration into the live environment.

IMIsocial is API extendable, developers can create plugins to utilise their own CRM databases, publish to devices, create widgets, integrate into back-end systems and personalise IMIsocial to suit individual needs.

Keep audiences tuned-in for longer with IMIsocial

Turn audience engagement into better ratings. Download the IMIsocial product sheet for a comprehensive overview of the features that will help you use audience-generated content to increase programming relevancy.