Customer service

One-to-one video interactions

Empower agents to deliver a brand-defining customer experience through video.

Make video your customer service differentiator

  • Create a differentiated customer experience

  • Improve first contact resolution rates

  • Build better customer relationships and loyalty

  • Reduce operational costs and improve CX

Use cases


Enable agents to see what the customer sees for faster issue identification and resolution.

Visual claims processing

Deliver faster and accurate claims processing by remotely capturing required evidence.

Pre-visit assessments

Identify complex issues that require field technician support by conducting virtual pre-visit assessments.


See how video can be used by customer service agents to provide real-time assistance to improve query resolution times.

Market-leading experiences

Purpose-built for visual interactions

Enable customer service agents to connect face-to-face with their customers. Allow them to share screen and offer visual step-by-step guidance.

Connect with any device

Empower customers to connect with agents across any device, operating system, or browser without installing any software or downloading an application.

Differentiate from competitors

Provide the best customer experience with a video-based approach to customer support. Reduce call waiting times and provide real-time virtual assistance to stand out from competitors.

Get better results

Leverage video assistance to visually understand a customer’s problem. Reduce average call duration and the number of repeat calls into your contact centers to improve operational efficiency.

Visual claims processing

See how insurance companies can use video to visually assess insurance claims to speed up the claims process for customers.

Key features

  • Session recording

    Record sessions for review, audit, and training purposes.

  • Screen sharing​

    Share screens and guide customers in real-time.

  • Reporting and analytics

    Access comprehensive reporting and analytics to monitor interactions.

  • Remote camera controls

    Remotely control camera zoom and flashlight for better visibility.

  • Document exchange

    Exchange documents or web links within the embedded chat.

  • Snapshots

    Capture a frame during live video and store it for future reference.

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