The simple and secure way to meet patients

Put patient interactions first with virtual appointments that connect clinicians with patients at their convenience.

Transform patient interactions with video

  • Deliver connected healthcare

  • Improve patient experience

  • Reduce staff and clinic room requirements

  • Create a more cost-efficient healthcare service

  • Easily adapt to network bandwidth changes

  • Stay compliant with GDPR and HIPAA

Facilitate remote video consultations

Enable clinicians to automatically schedule appointments and launch sessions with just one-click. Send patients a secure link to connect at the time of their appointment to reduce missed consultations.

Seamlessly integrate with existing systems

Integrate easily with patient management and appointment management systems. Manage patient data, consolidate processes, and create seamless patient experiences from end-to-end.

Build patient trust with end-to-end encryption

Maintain data security with end-to-end encryption that is fully compliant with GDPR and HIPAA regulations. Record the consultation with the patient’s consent and provide full audit trails if required.

Video consultations

Virtual appointments can transform patient interactions by creating efficiency for hospitals and better experiences for patients.

Good for clinicians

  • Improved patient engagement

  • Reduced missed appointments with reminders

  • Personalized experiences with custom branding options

  • Reduced need for physical clinic space

  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics

Good for patients

  • Frictionless experience with no app installation

  • Quicker access to specialty healthcare

  • Ensured privacy and security

  • Convenience for patients with mobility issues and complex needs

  • Better access for patients in remote or rural areas

The clinicians feel that the ability to provide clear instructions to the patient by in-consultation text chat and transferring information leaflets using the file transfer facility has made this mode of consultation safer. The ability to share the screen to show the patients their x-rays etc. has also proved to be invaluable. ”

Dr. Muhammad Javed, Consultant Paediatrician and CCIO, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

Key features

  • Screen sharing​

    Clinicians can share screens with patients when appropriate, for example, to show x-rays.

  • Video annotations

    Use live pointers and annotations throughout consultations as if face to face.

  • Document sharing

    Communicate with patients using the chat function and share necessary documents.

  • Geolocation capture

    Capture the exact location of the patient for emergency services to reach them faster.

  • Admin controls

    Manage user roles and permissions. Gain access to comprehensive reporting and analytics.

  • Remote camera controls

    Remotely control patient's camera, zoom in or turn on their flash for better visibility.

  • Recordings

    Record video appointments, snapshots, files, and annotations.

  • Virtual waiting room

    Personalize waiting rooms for your patients.

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