Automation with a human touch

Deliver better customer experiences while saving time and reducing costs.

Unlock the power of conversational automation

Converse effortlessly

Enable conversational interactions using our out-of-the-box natural language processing and understanding (NLP & NLU) capabilities.

Simplify self-service

Progress from point-and-click interfaces to AI-powered chatbots. Deliver exceptional customer self-service across multiple channels using conversational AI.

Seamless agent handover

Seamlessly transition from chatbots to live agents where required. Leverage pre-built integrations with Webex Engage, NICE InContact, Cisco Finesse, and more.

Create and deploy intelligent chatbots

Simple to configure

Leverage the rich interaction capabilities of each channel while using NLP and NLU for unstructured responses. Our visual editor lets you compose and preview channel-specific experiences.

End-to-end management

Accelerate the deployment, testing, and training of conversational bots with powerful features like one-click testing and version control.

Build automated customer journeys with ease

  • Flow trigger​

    Pick an event trigger such as an incoming message on a channel or a new order created on an external system to start the flow.

  • NLP & AI

    Use our pre-built NLP and AI nodes to perform spell-check, cleanse data, identify intent, analyze sentiment, recognize date and time, and more.

  • Branch and fetch data

    Add business logic to your flow to branch into sub flows and perform necessary actions on external business systems via pre-built integrations.

  • Send message

    Craft better experiences with rich interactivity across 10+ communication channels including Whatsapp, RCS, Apple Messages for Business, and more.


Conversational automation

Download our eGuide to learn how AI chatbots can integrate into an existing customer service strategy and how contact centers can operationalize a fleet of goal-driven chatbots.

Key features

  • 14+ NLP options

    Leverage NLP functionalities like date-time recognition, sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and more.

  • Flexible integrations

    Easily integrate with other chatbot providers such as IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, and Google Contact Center AI.

  • 16+ channels

    Apply NLP and AI to interactions across 10+ digital messaging channels such as SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.

  • Debugging

    Test communication flows before go-live with built-in debugging capabilities that analyze run-time behavior at each step.

  • Optimize performance

    Leverage custom logs and flow versioning to analyze, iterate, and improve bot performance.

  • Pre-built NLP pipeline

    Reduce manual coding by leveraging pre-built NLP pipeline nodes to identify customer intent.

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