Reporting & analytics

Deeper insights create richer experiences.

Understand and improve customer interactions, driven by data.

Track and analyze customer interactions

Root cause analysis

Diagnose the flow execution metrics to identify areas of improvement.

Real-time performance view

Visualize how the customer journey is performing in real-time using bi-directional Sankey charts and comprehensive dashboards.


Webex Connect.

Rapidly automate customer interactions across multiple channels. Learn how Webex Connect can help you manage an increasingly complex communications landscape and deliver a differentiated customer experience.

Key features.

  • Descriptive analytics

    Use the embedded BI capability to perform multi-dimensional analysis and data visualization.

  • Segment analysis

    Create segments and sub-segments to analyze flows at a granular level.

  • Goal tracking

    Track end goals and outcomes in relation to engagement patterns.

  • Node-level analytics

    Understand execution time at a node-level to identify potential improvements.

  • Sankey charts

    Access multi-level path analytics to know what's working and what's not.

  • Time-bound analysis

    Configure custom reports and analyze customer interactions for different time periods.

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