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The public sector is under ever-increasing pressure to innovate and cut costs. All the fat in the system has already been squeezed out by cuts so government bodies need to find new, smarter ways to deliver services in order to assure higher levels of efficiency. At the same time, the majority of the population has a mobile phone, giving you a powerful new way to communicate with citizens.

IMImobile’s mGovernment Service Delivery Gateway (MSDG) lets you achieve these goals with digital and mobile communication technology. Improve service delivery with new mobile services and better field force management. At the same time, improve revenue collection with better communication and reduce the costs of providing phone and in-person answers to common questions and routine requests.

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Better public services. Greater efficiency.

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Mobile government

Connect with people in the most direct and efficient way: using SMS, MMS, email, voice, social media and chat services.

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Workforce management

Collect feedback from ground staff, through mobile, on the development of activities. This data integration helps government to get real-time and accurate updates on services.

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Payment and debt collection

See collections improve by sending payment reminders directly to citizens' phones. Enable mobile payments through their smartphone.

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Complaint management

Respond to complaints faster and keep citizens updated with the results via their phone using IMIchat so you can close cases faster.

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Call avoidance and self-care

Improve user satisfaction and improve contact centre productivity with new support options, including IMIchat.

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Citizen feedback

Create and launch surveys for customers to complete on their mobile phones. It’s an easy, efficient way to get feedback and identify issues that need solving.


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Customer experience

Intelligent, personalised and targeted communication is the opposite of annoying, intrusive spam. We help you deliver real-time campaigns and create customer journeys across channels that customers will love.

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Operational efficiency

Roll out new digital customer engagement services faster. Reduce complexity with simple IT integration to streamline business processes.

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Business results

IMImobile helps you deliver increased customer retention, cost-effective customer acquisition and reduced communication service delivery costs.

IMImobile m-Gov Solution


To find out how we help governments deliver their mobile and digital strategies to provide citizens with access to government services download the solution overview sheet.