Case study

Arc (Europe) Ltd

A new customer contact management solution for a specialist debt recovery agency.

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Adopting a configurable customer contact platform

ARC (Europe) Ltd offers industry-leading debt recovery services across the finance, health and leisure, and insurance sectors. To continue almost two decades of effective, empathetic work with its clients and their customers, ARC wanted to reassess and improve its legacy systems across the customer contact strategy. 

Learn how ARC used imiconnect and imiengage to implement a configurable customer contact platform that enabled them to integrate business systems and deploy multiple solutions to improve inbound and outbound contact management.  

 “We can now redesign our contact strategies on the fly, directly within the product. There’s no need to tinker with bolt-ons anymore – it’s all integrated.” - David Sheridan, Operations Director at ARC (Europe) Ltd. 

  • An IVM and IVR was deployed to handle inbound self-serve requests, freeing up time for agents to work more closely with vulnerable customers
  • Average wait times for inbound contacts was reduced – a major component for improving customer satisfaction
  • ARC achieved a 20% improvement in the success rate for outbound predictive dialing, reaching more customers without hiring more agents