Case study

Centrica call deflection

How IVR call deflection helped Centrica to shift its customer service calls to digital channels.

How Centrica transformed its customer service experience with IVR call deflection

As part of an initiative to modernize and improve contact center operations, Centrica wanted to reduce call volume by deflecting inbound voice calls to SMS. Deflecting inbound calls to SMS would help them to deliver a better customer service experience by reducing wait times during peak hours with concise, results-driven conversations, and increase efficiency by enabling agents to manage multiple enquries simultaneously.

Download the case study to find out how Webex CPaaS Solutions, a trusted messaging partner for Centrica, worked to rapidly deploy an SMS call deflection solution into their contact center IVR that not only managed high call volumes but helped Centrica reduce the cost to serve customers.

  • Leveraged Webex Connect and Webex Engage to orchestrate and facilitate conversations over SMS

  • Ensured intelligent fall-back system for enquiries outside of business hours

  • Over 20% of customers opted to deflect to SMS in just 6 months