Product sheet

Webex Assist

Provide high-quality remote video interactions at any time, anywhere, and on any device.

Offer remote video assistance to your teams and customers

Remote visual support technologies play a significant part in transforming how companies connect with customers and enable their workforce. WebRTC technology is a game-changer in this scenario. Organizations are using it to see what their end consumers and employees see, providing fast, intuitive guidance to deliver better outcomes for customer service and field force operations.

Webex Assist is our application, powered by WebRTC technology, that provides secure and high-quality, real-time video interactions. Using Webex Assist, organizations can solve problems quicker, encourage peer-to-peer collaboration, and humanize digital support, while reducing costs and scaling operations.

This product sheet will help you:

  • Learn use cases across customer service, field service, and healthcare

  • Explore key features and functionalities

  • Craft unique experiences for your customers with remote video interactions