Designing customer experiences for 2022 and beyond

In this session, you’ll hear from industry experts who will share their real-world experiences in how to build next generation CX from the ground up.

Designing customer experiences for 2022 and beyond

Most large enterprises recognize the need to redesign disjointed customer journeys to serve today’s digital-savvy consumers across any channel, anytime. Unfortunately, too often organizational agility and legacy infrastructure hinder the implementation of a unified customer engagement strategy.

Faced with mounting CX challenges and accelerated digital roadmaps to drive efficiency and productivity across business functions and departments the need for a communication orchestration layer in which to build a multi-channel customer experience journey has never been greater.

Watch to:

  • Better understand the step-by-step building blocks needed to move your organization along the CX maturity model

  • Learn why customer journey automation and channel orchestration are key to building meaningful customer experiences that drive lifetime value and loyalty

  • Learn about the emerging role of communication-platforms-as-a-service (CPaaS) in gaining efficiencies and speed to market when designing end-to-end customer experiences