Improve CSAT with interactive messaging and automation

Achieve NPS and CSAT success whilst reducing costs with interactive messaging and automation

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Improve NPS and CSAT with interactive messaging and automation

Customers expect the option to self-serve. Two-way messaging and chatbots are customer care game-changers, propelling CX leaders to re-think their customer journey and digital communication strategies. With proactive messaging and automated, intelligent workflows using NLP and AI, businesses can solve customer problems, avoid escalation and deliver contextual, personalized customer journeys.

In this webinar, we partner with Frost & Sullivan to discuss actions you can take to ensure you are meeting your ever-evolving customers’ expectations to drive retention and lifetime value.

Key takeaways:

  • Tactics you can implement to move interactions from customer care calls to automated messaging interactions
  • Why emerging channels such as RCS, ABC and WhatsApp should be part of your digital communications strategy
  • Case studies that highlight real-world examples that are driving significant ROI while improving the customer experience