Create a central omnichannel communications hub that enables a seamless in-store and online retail experience

With IMImobile, you gain a centralised hub from which to deliver omnichannel engagement across 10+ channels

Deliver seamless retail experiences across your customers' favourite channels

Using a centralised hub from which to deploy and manage all customer communications, accelerate the launch of new customer engagement initiatives that link the in-store and online experience to drive footfall, increase revenue through contextual marketing, and reduce operational expenditure.

Save through end-to-end customer service automation

Through a blend of NLP and rule-based decisioning, enable customers to self-serve on their favourite digital and mobile channels. Allow customers to manage loyalty programs, automate high volume inbound enquiries and routine outbound communications to reduce operational expenditure.

With seamless cross-channel handover, high priority enquiries are identified and then intelligently routed to agents based on skill and capacity to increase first-contact resolution.

Download our customer success story to find out how we deployed a virtual assistant for a global home furniture retailer that automated customer enquiries, reducing in-bound calls to the contact centre.


Use the latest mobile capabilities to grab customer attention and drive action

Advanced automation and mobile-first capabilities, such as location-aware messaging, can be quickly weaved into marketing, up-sell and other communications to engage customers at the perfect moment to drive sales and brand loyalty.

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