Smarter personalised engagement for better results

With numerous companies fighting for customer attention, delivering sales and marketing campaigns that drive results has never been more difficult.

Other key challenges include:

  • Effective use of mobile
  • Better in-life management of customer experience
  • Increased customer retention and revenue
  • Increased response rates and conversion to drive sales
  • Joined up communication experience across all customer touch points


Whether choosing our managed service approach or directly using our IMIcampaign platform, we offer the right solutions to help you accelerate multichannel campaign deployment whilst delivering a personalised experience to every customer to increase sales and marketing success.

Multichannel sales and marketing delivery from one platform.

Solution overview

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Joined-up communications

Manage your communication efficiently by combing mobile and digital campaigns to enhance your customer engagement.


Multichannel campaigning

Deliver campaigns of any scale across SMS, MMS, Push Notifications, email, social media, mobile internet and USSD.

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Rich personalisation

Create rich, personalised and compelling messages that gain customer attention as soon as they are delivered.

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Instant innovation

Harness new mobile-first capabilities, such as location-aware and real-time messaging, without custom development.

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Build customer profiles

Create a feedback loop where all campaign and offer interactions are used to build customer profiles, gaining insight on future targeting and campaign strategy.

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Access detailed reports to analyse campaign performance and make the necessary adjustments to maximise results in the future.


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Better customer experience

We help you deliver personalised and targeted communication campaigns and customer journeys across multiple channels that your customers will love.

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Business results

Combine data driven intelligence, contextual messaging, and the latest mobile capabilities to identity opportunities to upsell, cross-sell and market to, helping to drive revenue and ROI.

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Managed service

IMImobile’s experienced campaign fulfilment team can manage the day-to-day delivery of campaigns, enabling you to focus on strategy.

We deliver over 750 million personalised customer interactions across multiple sectors. Contact us today to find out how we can help you transform your customer engagement strategy.