AI & automation

Make customer interactions smarter

Innovate at pace with new communication channels and intelligent automation at your fingertips.

End-to-end automation for businesses

Embed AI across all channels

AI-driven chatbots, combined with other digital channels, allow businesses to create automated conversational experiences consistently across all channels. Chatbots drive conversations that are personalized, contextual, and seamless.

Leverage NLP capabilities

Standardize responses to customers with NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities. Embed intelligent spell check, date and time recognition, language detection, and translation into automated customer interactions. Advanced NLP capabilities like sentiment analysis and intent recognition empower businesses to acknowledge and act upon customers’ responses to serve them better.

Create more efficient contact centers with virtual agents

Deploy virtual agents

Enable virtual agents to operate as a contact center frontline to handle frequently asked enquiries to provide a 24/7 support structure. Virtual agents can deliver a channel-agnostic experience retaining context from previous conversations across any channel and handing over to human agents seamlessly if required.

Human-in-the-loop (HITL) learning

Enhance the scope of a chatbots intelligence with human feedback. Update its knowledge base, add relevant tags or articles, and feed its performance back into the algorithm that allows the chatbot to offer smarter, relevant, and more contextual interactions. Monitor virtual agents' conversations to evaluate performance and seamlessly takeover from a conversation based on complexity.

eGuide Conversational automation

Download our eGuide to learn how AI chatbots can integrate into an existing customer service strategy and how contact centers can operationalize a fleet of goal-driven chatbots.

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