Apple Business Chat

Build richer connections with customers

Make interacting with your business as conversational as communicating with family and friends.

Redefine conversational engagement

Apple Business Chat is a new way for customers to interact with businesses easily through their Apple devices – iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.


Interactions using Apple Business Chat are always initiated by the customer, putting them in control. Customers can easily connect with businesses through the messages app to ask for information, schedule assistance, and book appointments.

AI-powered self-service

Identify customer intent and provide instant, automated responses to queries. Seamlessly connect to a human agent for more complex queries within the same channel.

Create more interactive customer experiences

Apple Business Chat enables businesses to create richer customer experiences with built-in features.

Rich links

Rich links provide a way for businesses to send interactive links and videos with the ability to preview and playback right from within the messages app.

Multiple options

Make use of list pickers and time pickers to present a list of options for the customer to choose from. Schedule deliveries, book test drives, carry out feedback surveys, and customer support all from within the same channel.

Be there across the entire customer journey

Easily accessible

Customers can start a conversation with a business at any time through a number of different entry points, including apps, websites, Maps, Safari, Siri, and Search. Ensure that connecting with a business is as easy as contacting a friend.

Call deflection

Provide customers with an option to switch to Apple Business Chat if they are waiting in a call queue. Reducing call waiting times improves operational efficiency and customer experience.

eGuide A guide to conversational messaging

Leading the charge is a new generation of rich messaging channels. Owned and championed by leading technology players like Google and Apple, these channels have emerged as a platform for orchestrating digital interactions that engage, support, and help to deliver a richer brand experience.

In this guide, you will learn about the different channels, understanding their capabilities, and why they are essential to delivering interactions that will win and retain customers.

Inspire customer confidence by putting security first

Apple Pay

Provide customers with an easy and secure way to pay for goods and services within the channel using Apple Pay. Users can seamlessly provide payment, shipping details, and contact information to check out with just one touch.

End-to-end encryption

The Messages app uses end-to-end encryption to build consumer trust. Businesses must go through an authentication process before they have a verified Apple Business Chat account.

Key features

  • Native to iOS devices

    Connect with customers from within Messages on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. No app download required.
  • Time picker

    Easily schedule appointments and deliveries in one click with calendar integrations.
  • Apple Pay

    Integrate secure one-touch payments for goods and services with Apple Pay.
  • Encrypted attachments

    The Messages app offers end-to-end encryption, including any attachments sent, such as bank statements and utility bills.
  • List picker

    Present lists of more than 3 options for customers to choose from without leaving the conversation. Single and multiple selection supported.
  • Predictive responses

    Predictive and quick type responses make conversations as easy as possible for customers.

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