Omnichannel business messaging

Deliver two-way messaging experiences at the perfect moment in the customer journey to transform CX.

Transform CX with conversational automation

Adopt a single platform approach to supporting all your digital interaction requirements, from messaging APIs to orchestrating omnichannel communications.

Combine instant access to the latest digital and mobile channels with rules-based automation, mobile-first capabilities and seamless backend integration to create the contextual conversational experiences that transform CX.

Messaging+ eGuide

A guide to the conversational messaging channels – from Apple Business Chat to RCS – transforming CX.

Transform CX with conversational automation

Proactive alerts and notifications

Automate the delivery of personalised alerts and notifications, coupled with the ability to enable same-channel customer follow up.

Appointment reminders & management

Reduce no-shows by proactively warning customers about upcoming appointments, and allowing them to manage bookings via message-based automation.

Two-factor authentication

Better protect customers and their data by adding an extra layer that secures the log-in sequence to customer accounts.

Location-based targeting

Run location look-ups, track mobile devices and use geo-fencing to engage customers at the perfect moment to drive messaging success.

Mobile customer surveys

Use mobile surveys to engage customers and streamline the feedback process, increasing overall participation and insights gained.

Fraud and claims management

Enable customers to use messaging to report unusual activity, confirm identities, submit evidence, and manage the entire claims process.

Omnichannel agent chat

Enable contact centre agents to interact in real-time over multiple messaging channels from a single unified omnichannel interface.

Customer process automation

Within minutes, weave automated voice, telecoms, and IP messaging into your customer processes using our single HTTPS REST API, and communications workflow tools.

AI chatbots and assistants

Deploy rule-based and NLP-powered chatbots that automate service delivery, FAQ resolution, and enable self-service.

Messaging-enabled digital transformation

Digital CX

Solutions that accelerate the delivery of digital customer innovation initiatives.


Combine customer intelligence with digital channels and mobile-first capabilities to proactively engage customers.

Contact Centres

Create the perfect blend of self-service and agent-assisted support using one to one digital channels.


Digital transformation is simplified with low-code cloud software tools for building the intelligent communications and conversational services that transform CX.

Future-proof communications with new innovative channels

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Why trust IMImobile with your messaging communications?

Instant channel access

Gain instant access to traditional and latest messaging channels: SMS, MMS, Apple Business Chat, in-app push, Messenger, Twitter DM, Real-time Messaging (RTM), Web RTC, and RCS.

Rapid customer journey automation

Quickly blend new channels into your communications mix, launching omnichannel customer journeys 3x faster using low code tools and reusable integrations.

Lower costs and drive efficiency

Uncover opportunities to reduce the cost-to-serve and drive efficiency by simplifying and automating customer processes and interactions.

Enable frictionless omnichannel CX

Achieve end-to-end automation by fully orchestrating customer communications with backend processes.

Scalable cloud infrastructure

Centrally manage all your customer communications in a high performance, 24/7 supported cloud environment with 99.95% uptime and elastic scalability.

Drive customer engagement

Easily use application, network and device intelligence, like geofencing, consent checks or rule-based channel routing, to increase the relevancy of customer communications.

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Find out how messaging improves CX and cuts costs for a Tier 1 UK water company

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