Real-time customer consent management

A platform-based solution designed to enable enterprise-scale GDPR compliant customer consent management.

Fast-track GDPR compliant customer consent management

Built to comply with the GDPR, this solution enables enterprises to create contextual customer consent collection and management processes across multiple digital touchpoints.

Using the latest messaging channels and intelligent automation capabilities, enterprises can maximise opt-ins for data processing and marketing communications through a seamless customer experience.

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IMIconsent solution overview

Download the solution overview for more information on how we help remove the complexity from scalable customer consent management.

Capabilities to intelligently manage customer consent

Workflow management

Automate processes via our visual communications workflow builder across your technology estate. Rapidly deploy automated communication journeys across digital channels.

Real-time access control

Permission-based access control for downstream systems to validate consent in real-time via APIs or ETL.

SaaS Admin UI

Admin UI for consent profile management. Easy to configure granular consent profile stores for specific customer groups, products and services.

Track and trace for compliance

Audit tracking capabilities for long-term compliance management.

User-level consent management

Easily accessible and user configurable via self-service interface.

Reporting dashboard

Search audit logs and easily extract data for compliance monitoring purposes.

Real-time customer consent management across the enterprise

As a module of our IMIconnect platform, our real-time consent management solution is designed to enable large scale enterprises to comply with the consent management requirements of the GDPR.

Through simple configuration, enterprises can easily enable customers to manage their preferences, gain a single customer view of customer consent and automate the multi-channel processes that gather customer consent.

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