Every interaction delivers

Create seamless package delivery journeys that improve efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Automate returns and collection journeys
  • Reduce call volumes
  • Personalize delivery experiences
  • Proactive disruption management
  • Real-time customer service
  • Integration with existing systems

Create efficiency with intelligent automation

Automate frequent enquiries

Deploy AI-driven chatbots to solve the most frequent customer service enquiries, such as order status, refund requests, or returns management.

Offer self-service options

Allow delivery tracking, pick up or drop-off address modification, delivery time slot changes with FAQ bots, smart web links, and live chat to resolve customer enquiries faster.

Disruption management

Send automated alerts to handle service disruption in real-time. Enable courier-tracking, geo-fencing, and more to keep customers informed and reduce inbound call volumes.

Enrich the delivery experience

Convenient customer experience

Design customer journeys that are unique and interactive. Leverage two-way messaging channels that allow customers to modify delivery schedules.

Ensure safe deliveries

Use digital channels or voice-based verification to ensure safe deliveries. Enable two-factor authentication or digital signatures to secure the delivery process.

Deliver a richer experience

Choose from 10+ channels such as RCS, Apple Business Chat, SMS, and WhatsApp Business to interact with customers using rich capabilities to improve the delivery process.

Proactive updates for a seamless service

Reduce failed delivery attempts

Reduce failed deliveries and costly re-deliveries with voice call confirmations. Send proactive alerts of estimated delivery timelines to improve delivery rates.

Deflect the need to contact

Send proactive updates to customers on delays, reschedule delivery times, organize safe place 'drop off', and more to manage and resolve disruptions.

imiconnect has seamlessly integrated with our existing systems and enabled us to enhance parcel notifications and tracking for our retail clients and their customers.”
Chris Ashworth CIO Hermes

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Why imimobile?


Our platform and applications work together with your existing systems to maximize previous technology investments.


Build and iterate interactive customer journeys on the go based on changing customer and business needs.


Make package delivery a personalized experience that works for both the customer and businesses using digital messaging channels.

Deliver a more convenient and efficient experience