Media & broadcasters

Every interaction creates conversation​

Manage and maximize audience engagement across multiple channels.

  • Manage inbound content across channels
  • Track campaign performance​
  • Gain real-time audience insights​
  • Run polls, contests, donation drives, and more​
  • Build and launch customized campaigns
  • Publish and reply to messages during live broadcasts

Launch interactive campaigns with ease

Cross-channel campaigns​

Engage your audience with interactive campaigns on the channels and devices they prefer.

Manage campaign volumes​

Create large-scale campaigns in minutes with imisocial. Broadcast and relay real-time feeds across various channels and user handles.

Customize content for your audience

Personalize campaigns​

Deliver customized content to your viewers that is engaging, appropriate, and relevant.

Excite and engage

Drive interactive and engaging activities like polls, contests, and donations. Safeguard the viewer experience by blocking problematic content.

Track and report performance in real-time

Measure audience engagement​

Empower your teams to track audience engagement with timely reports and in-depth analysis.

Deep and real-time insights

Understand audience responses with an interactive dashboard. Gain real-time insights based on content, channel, and other filters.​

Whitepaper RCS Business Messaging Report

RCS continues to go from strength to strength, with its global audience growing to 473 million. Read our new report to learn the latest updates to the rollout of RCS and why it is a must-have channel for brands who want to deliver conversational experiences.

Why imimobile?


Create and manage interactive campaigns across multiple channels like Twitter, Facebook, SMS, and more.​


Safeguard audience interactions by filtering malicious messages with shortcodes, keywords, or campaign metrics. ​


Integrate with third-party APIs seamlessly to deliver personalized content and manage content preferences.​

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