RCS Business Messaging

Fill your messages full of buttons, carousels and rich media to create two-way interactions that customers love.

The next generation of mobile messaging is here

Combining the reach of SMS with the interactivity of OTT messaging channels, RCS Business Messaging spearheads the next generation of mobile messaging.

Using interactive action buttons, carousels, rich media cards, and more, you can deliver app-like experiences directly to your customers’ smartphones. All within the messaging inbox.

RCS supercharges marketing, enables seamless customer service and enriches your messages full of interactivity. Use this new channel to create two-way interactions that let customers respond, search, reserve, and purchase, at the tap of a button.

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Rich media messaging

Enhance the messaging experience using images, GIFs, videos, animations, files, and more.

Verified business accounts

Gain customer trust by using a verified account to send and receive communications.

Custom branding

Style your messages and UI components to match your brand identity.

Contextual interactions

Leverage customer preferences and different smartphone capabilities. such as location, to create contextual interactions.


Send multiple cards in a single message with unique suggested actions or replies to drive engagement.

Intelligent fallback

Easily fallback to SMS or MMS when a customer doesn't have RCS activated.

Quick replies

Instead of keywords, enable your customers to quickly send their responses at the tap of a button.

Read receipts

Use read receipts for regulatory compliance and to trigger contextual actions.

New analytics

RCS offers a new wave of analytics across the messaging journey, such as button clicks, video progress and exit rates.

Our unified RCS Messaging API accelerates deployment

It’s never been easier to start using RCS to create two-way interactions that capture customer attention.

Our unified RCS API reduces the complexity of integrating and then deploying RCS messages across multiple carriers. Combined with our drag and drop visual workflow builder, you can design, build and launch RCS journeys in a matter of minutes.

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RCS showcase

At Mobile World Congress this year, IMImobile showcased several RCS demos at the GSMA Innovation City as part of Google's The Future of Operator Messaging stand, demonstrating the channel’s potential for enabling real-time two-way interactions across the customer journey.

Success Story: Vodafone trials RCS for improving customer communications

Find out how Vodafone worked with IMImobile to deploy its first major RCS campaigns and saw response rates soar up to 25%.

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