Digitally transform the travel experience

Transform the end-to-end travel experience through the intelligent automation of personalised and contextual customer interactions.

From booking online to the trip home, transform the travel experience with the latest digital communications solutions

Proactive communications

Integrate data from every touchpoint and business system to automate the delivery of contextual and personalised two-way communications. Promotional travel offers, pre-departure information and much more, can be turned into actionable customer journeys.

Disruption management

Implement trigger-based communications that help to minimise and respond to various disruption scenarios in real-time. Deliver communications that remove that stress from travelling, such as directing passengers to the correct gate for speedy takeoff or ensuring they are kept up to date when a flight is delayed.

Connected airport

Take the next step in creating a smart experience by embedding omnichannel communications into data points across the airport. Deliver marketing communications as passengers enter duty-free, tell customers that their bags are safely on the plane, and harvest a new wave of IoT insight.

Customer self-service

Use AI-powered customer self-service, enabled by NLP and rule-based decisioning, to allow customers to manage their booking and gain FAQ resolution across a range of messaging channels.

Omnichannel agent support

Consolidate all customer support channels to a single desktop for your agents, by either using IMImobile's Agent Desktop, IMIchat, or using our API to extend your existing environment.

Use the latest mobile-first capabilities to deliver an innovative brand experience

Advanced automation and mobile-first capabilities, such as location-aware messaging and rich media, can be quickly added into the end-to-end customer journey that spans across multiple channels. Trigger communications using API’s, webhooks, backend system events, and more, to create contextual, highly relevant communications.

Personalised itineraries, frequent flyer rewards, digital boarding passes, and more, can be deployed to create innovative, brand differentiating experiences that your customers will love.

Reduce costs through end-to-end customer service automation

Through a blend of NLP and rule-based decisioning, enable customers to self-serve on their favourite digital and mobile channels. Customers can manage bookings, access additional services, resolve FAQs, and give feedback.

Download our customer success story to find out how a virtual assistant helped a leading retailer to double the number of customer enquiries handled by the contact centre.

Manage communications in the cloud to accelerate digital transformation

Centrally manage and monitor communications and customer journeys across all channels and systems in a high-performance cloud environment with up to 99.99% uptime and elastic scalability.

Visual flow building tools and advanced automation capabilities combine with the advantages of centralised management to make it easy to monitor live customer communications, enforce contact policies, and continuously optimise CX.

To learn more about our enterprise-grade cloud communications platform, click to watch the video.

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