Every interaction powers the home

Take a digital-first approach to creating communications and services that improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

  • Technician appointment management
  • Customer self-service and agent chat
  • Remote technician assistance
  • IVR and proactive call deflection
  • Billing reminders and digital payments
  • Customer feedback surveys

Optimize service processes with real-time automation

Technician appointment management

Maximize technician time and operational efficiency by sending appointment reminders and providing disruption updates through customers' favorite messaging channels.

Automated billing alerts

Create a more customer-friendly billing experience through billing reminders and in-channel payments to increase collection rates.

Smart meter rollout

Automate the smart meter rollout process, from targeted marketing to booking an installation date, to increase sign-ups.

Boost CSAT scores with customer service automation

Enable employees to self-serve

Reduce the number of inbound calls into the contact center by creating an AI chatbot frontline that provides 24x7 assistance and information to customers.

Deliver any channel agent support

Remove the need for customers to switch channels to go from self-service to agent support. imiengage enables agents to manage all channels from one application.

Reduce inbound calls with call deflection

Transfer customers from the IVR call queue to a messaging channel and send proactive communications to meet customer needs before they call the contact center.

Create more interactive experiences

Shift to new digital channels

Use digital messaging channels such as RCS, WhatsApp Business, and Apple Business Chat to create more engaging interactions for switching tariffs, account enquiries, and more.

Personalize interactions

Integrate data from CRM, customer service, and other siloed systems to power personalized communications for advertising new services and increasing uptake.

Enable two-way conversations

Deliver conversational interactions that enable customers to respond with meter readings, house move details, promises to pay, or ask FAQs without the need to talk to an agent.

Help customers to better manage their services

Reduce technician calls outs with video

Enable customer service teams and technicians to conduct remote video calls to help implement quick fixes, identify required parts, or gain information without a home visit.

Increase usage transparency

Trigger notifications to warn customers when they are nearing their limit or usage is abnormally high to reduce ‘bill shock’ and the inbound contact it generates.

Personalize the billing experience

Deliver personalized video and image content that integrates changing consumer data such as monthly billing and usage information to craft a targeted customer experience.

“The customer service at imimobile is excellent and they are very responsive when meeting our needs. They continually provide great insights and expertise on the latest trends and best practices for omnichannel customer engagement.”
Director of Strategy & Analytics Leading utility provider in North America

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Our unrivaled expertise comes from powering billions of interactions for some of the world’s leading utility companies.


Ensure customer data is protected and secure. We manage information based on the latest security framework that’s trusted by the world's leading blue-chip organizations.


Our suite helps you build efficient processes, reduce time-to-market, and automate customer interactions whilst significantly reducing costs.

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