Transform customer interactions with real-time video assistance powered by WebRTC technology.

Offer instant one-to-one video support when your customers need you most

IMIassist, our WebRTC solution, enables businesses to embed two-way video interactions into customer journeys across the business. No matter the customer’s device or platform, create frictionless, personalised customer experiences by enabling contact centre agents, technicians, and other personnel to provide real-time video assistance to customers.

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Built to operate at scale for the digital enterprise

User role management

Permissions and role management at an individual level, enabling full control for administrative users.

Reporting and analytics

Access comprehensive reporting and analytics to stay on top of all your customer interactions.

Third-party integrations

Out of the box integrations with leading industry platforms such as Salesforce, Dynamics 365, etc. Custom integrations are available.


End-to-end encryption and enterprise grade security protects your data and ensures user privacy.

Cross-platform support

Cross device, cross platform support enables you to connect with anyone, anywhere.

Mobile SDK

Seamlessly integrate all capabilities into existing mobile and web applications.

Session recording

Record your sessions and playback later for quality assurance, compliance or audit purposes.

Bandwidth optimisation

Optimised performance of audio and video across different bandwidths.

Built on revolutionary technology purpose-built to empower interactions with live two-way video.

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Remote troubleshooting

Enterprises can expand their service offering, cut field service costs, reduce contact centre inbound voice calls, and differentiate themselves through an improved customer service experience.

Remote health care

Allow one-to-one consultations between physicians and patients using a highly secure and encrypted solution that will improve the quality of care and reduce missed appointments.

Claims processing

Empower insurance agents and adjusters to assess damage and fill out claims documentation with customers through video, resulting in a more convenient claims experience with lower costs.

Customer service and engagement

Enable customer support agents to engage visually with their customers along the customer journey. Brands can offer personalised sales, walk through complex documents, as well as a fast resolution of common issues like warranty, billing enquires, and product returns.

Field force support

Field force staff can gain assistance with implementing a quick fix or identify missing parts or complications to help streamline complex and expensive maintenance operations.

Key capabilities


File sharing

Screen sharing & co-browsing



Integrated chat

Remote zoom and flashlight


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