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As a verified WhatsApp Business solution provider, we can help you to seamlessly integrate WhatsApp Business to drive customer engagement through intelligent, context aware messaging.

Easily connect with your customers through WhatsApp Business

Today’s customers want to communicate with businesses the same way they engage with friends and family – anytime and anywhere.

WhatsApp Business helps you to connect with over 1.5 billion users in a simple, reliable, and private way. Quickly and easily engage with users across 180 countries worldwide.

Start building conversational messaging experiences

Use WhatsApp Business to build frictionless conversational messaging experiences. From alerts, to provide customers with important proactive account and service updates; notifications on order status, deliveries, and appointments; and customer self-service and support, to initiate and automate routine customer conversations and provide seamless agent assistance.

The ultimate guide to the WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API eGuide dives into the opportunity for enterprises to adopt the world's most popular messaging app into their customer communication strategy. It gives a practical overview of key features, message types, uses cases, and case studies of recent implementations.

Easily build WhatsApp journeys with IMIconnect

Create WhatsApp Business journeys within minutes by leveraging our drag-and-drop flow builder to create, set-up and deploy end-to-end communication flows.

A communication flow that takes months to code using programming intensive approaches today can be built and launched within minutes using IMIconnect.

Orchestrate multi-channel experiences using a single platform, IMIconnect

Orchestrate customer journeys across 10+ communication channels and provide automated fall-back to channels to different channels, such as SMS, for urgent communications to ensure customers receive the intended message irrespective of online access.

Seamless agent assisted customer service

Keep your customers informed and deliver an exceptional customer service experience through a combination of AI-powered bots and human agent handover. For an easier and faster integration you can use our pre-built contact centre system connectors.

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