A cloud Platform-as-a-Service that enables mobile operators to monetise A2P messaging and improve revenue assurance.

IMInmx enables mobile operators to...

Monetise A2P traffic through one platform

Gain network visibility to improve security and reduce grey route traffic

Add intelligence and business logic to messaging services

Reduce load on SMSC network

Differentiate the enterprise messaging offering

A network control layer for A2P messaging monetisation

IMInmx is a cloud Platform-as-a-Service gateway that sits on top of your SMSC infrastructure. The core gateway acts as a protective layer that provides complete A2P messaging visibility and auditable services for enterprise customers.

Deployed with an SMS firewall, IMInmx delivers significant improvements in A2P monetisation by removing grey route traffic, reducing spam and directing approved traffic through official gateways.

Business logic for smarter messaging delivery

Advanced Messaging is a catalogue of micro-services that adds network intelligence or business logic to an operator's messaging services. Each micro-service helps to instantly enhance messaging functionality without the need for custom development or integrations.

You can use Advanced Messaging as the foundation for enabling true multi-channel service delivery and creating market-differentiating messaging propositions.

A comprehensive capability suite tailored to MNOs

IMInmx has a capability suite tailored to the needs of the MNO in four areas: message delivery, provisioning, billing and reporting, and compliance.

MNP (Mobile Number Portability) support to enable messaging offload, feature-based routing, whitelisting network rules, enterprise account throttling, audit controls, and much more, come together to fully realise the revenue potential of A2P messaging.

24/7 supported cloud infrastructure

Scale as you grow and acquire more enterprise customers with a highly secure, ISO compliant cloud infrastructure that processes 44 billion messages every year.

Assured reliability with 99.95% enterprise-grade availability through automated failover, geo-redundancy and zero downtime product updates.

Why IMInmx?

Use a single platform to improve monetisation of A2P traffic terminating on your network. Deliver stronger A2P messaging solutions and services across different industries to acquire and grow enterprise relationships.

Improve operational efficiency and save by reducing the load on A2P SMSCs and supporting infrastructure by offloading off-net traffic.

Gain complete visible control of all network level messaging infrastructure and flows, ultimately helping to improve consumer and enterprise digital customer experience.

IMInmx is a holistic, intelligent, managed service tailored to the specific business requirements of the mobile operator. We offer flexibility with cloud, on-premise or hybrid-deployment, and assure adherence to industry-wide standards and initiatives.

Improve A2P monetisation with IMInmx

A2P messaging is a huge revenue opportunity for mobile operators. Get in contact with the IMImobile team to learn more about how IMInmx can help monetise A2P messaging.