Virtual PBX

Connect corporate and SME enterprise customers through holistic SIP-based IP PBX communications for fixed and mobile devices.

Virtual PBX enables telecom operators to...

Offer cloud-based PBX solutions to enterprise customers

Upsell auto-attendant and virtual receptionist features

Provide a consolidated solution for all enterprise communication needs

Simplify enterprise onboarding, setup and deployment

Help enterprises achieve hassle-free business communication

Connect enterprise customers through cloud PBX

Your enterprise customers need a PBX system that’s flexible, device independent and can scale with their business. Hardware-based PBX’s have become an outdated, expensive solution due to the complexity and lack of customisation.

Virtual PBX from IMImobile equips mobile operators with a white label cloud-based business communication system that doesn’t require an on-premise PBX. The solution routes all enterprise office calls to mobile devices and computers without missing any of the robustness that a hardware-based PBX provides to callers.

Enable the end-to-end management of business communication

Add competitive differentiation to your PBX offering with a set of cloud tools to help enterprises build multi-level IVRs, manage call routing and facilitate communications across the business.

Automated attendants, calling logic, conferencing capabilities, call analytics, and more. Create a comprehensive Virtual PBX solution for your enterprise customers.

Global redundancy, 24/7 supported infrastructure

Our Virtual PBX solution is built on a highly secure, ISO compliant infrastructure that enables over 15 billion voice flows every year.

We deliver 99.95% enterprise-grade availability through automated failover, geo-redundancy and zero downtime product updates. Our network architecture, paired with round the clock support, guarantees the highest uptime levels possible.

Future-proof your enterprise PBX offering

With multiple deployment, billing and product packages, our Virtual PBX solution can be tailored to suit your individual business requirements. Select our fully-managed service option, and we’ll handle performance upkeep, infrastructure maintenance and the addition of new features to keep up with the latest trends.

Looking to the future, you can focus on using your new Virtual PBX system to grow enterprise relationships, acquire new customers and achieve higher profit margins.

Features to differentiate your enterprise PBX solution

Offer a virtual receptionist with custom greetings and the ability to intelligently route calls to relevant stakeholders and employees. Let customers use flexible workflows to build multi-level IVRs, which helps them to communicate more efficiently.

A suite of web-based call management tools that help enterprise customers to facilitate communications across the business. Tools include call recording, screening and blocking, as well as web-based analytics.

Enable enterprise customers to hold an unlimited amount of conferences that include multiple stakeholders from across the business.

Equip small and medium-size contact centres with the ability to automate customer call handling with skills-based and time-based routing. Enable them to optimise resolution strategies and gain insight into their customer service experience with live-call monitoring and call metrics.

Seize the cloud-based telephony opportunity

Cloud-based telephony is a significant opportunity for mobile operators. Contact us learn more about how Virtual PBX from IMImobile can help you to go beyond traditional voice services to unlock new revenue streams.