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The rise in mobile communication has led small and medium businesses (SMBs) to realise the potential of mobile as an essential communication channel to engage with customers, increase marketing response rates and drive ROI.

However, quickly gaining access to mobile messaging capabilities comes with a number of challenges, such as long-term contracts, development know-how and the integration of capabilities into services.

Messenger from Textlocal is a cloud-based, self-serve platform that enables businesses to gain instant, affordable access to SMS messaging capabilities. The platform simplifies the creation, deployment and management of mobile messaging campaigns and services.

Go from account creation to your first text message campaign in a matter of minutes. Why wait? Transform how you connect with customers today.


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Messaging dashboard

Use the Messenger dashboard to schedule and send personalised messages to large contact groups or individuals. Set-up shortcodes to receive inbound messages from customers and build your database.


Ready to use templates

Instantly access a number of message templates from our database, or create your own. Define data points within messages where personalised information will appear.


Messenger mobile app

Manage your mobile campaigns on the go with the Messenger mobile app , which includes the essential functions of the platform, but with the convenience of being able to operate it from your smartphone.


Vouchers and ticketing

Create tickets, vouchers, attachments, links and surveys to be delivered via SMS. Use the Messenger platform to easily manage redemptions, track responses and monitor click through.


Tiered account structure

Managers can organise their teams by creating sub-accounts with definable user roles, account permissions and lockable message templates to better manage budgets.


API integration

Instant access to API code for developers. Works with multiple programming languages (PHP, .NET, Java etc.).



Instant messaging

Simply sign-up, agree on a payment method and start utilising the platform to deliver mobile messaging and campaigns.


Ease of use

Web-based access and an intuitive interface make the Messenger platform easy to use for every business user.


No contract, Pay As You Go

No set-up fees, simply pay for the messages you send at the most competitive rates.



We work with our clients to help them effectively utilise mobile communications to engage with customers and grow their businesses.

Download the Textlocal product sheet to see how over 165,000 clients transformed their customer communications using SMS.

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